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Common Job Application Pitfalls

July 9, 2014


So you’re applying for a job, now what?  The normal thing would be to send them your resume and cover letter—and that would be your first mistake.  I’ve read countless resumes, interviewed many applicants, and mentored many who were seeking a job.  Very few people do it right.  This blog post covers common mistakes when applying for a job, including mistakes in your resume.

I need to state up front that I am specifically talking about engineering jobs, although much of this applies to all jobs.  Just don’t write me angry emails because I got something wrong for people trying to become a cartographer, chef, or bus boy.

Before applying for a job, remember that it’s not just a job but a career.  You will hopefully be working there for 10 to 40 years, so behave like your life and livelihood are at stake—since it is!  This job is super important to you, and you need to show the employer that you realize this.  After all, why should they hire you if it isn’t important to you!?!?  I’m not telling you to grovel.  Just put in the effort that is proportional to the importance.   Read the rest of this entry ?