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First hike of the season

May 22, 2011

So today I went hiking with my son.  Backpacking season starts next weekend, and I needed a shakedown hike.  You know, a hike to evaluate things. To figure out how aggressive of a backpacking trip to take on Memorial Day weekend.  To evaluate our physical condition.  And to test new gear.

This hike was a 8.0 mile hike in the Lost Creek Wilderness, just south of Bailey, Colorado.  The first thing to test was my memory.  The last time I hiked this trail was about 20 years ago, so at times it was a challenge to recognize the various landforms and features along the way.

Most startling was a giant rock that I used to pitch my tent on top of.  Back in the day, this rock was gigantic and stuck into the side of the mountain, forming a nice flat area perched about 40 feet above the trail.  Today it was hardly recognizeable, and after a while I figured out why.  The rock had moved.  The best I can tell, it has moved about 20 to 30 feet!  It is no longer stuck in the side of the mountain but out some distance.  The dirt on the previously flat area has slid down the mountainside– no longer flat. Read the rest of this entry ?



May 1, 2011

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