Followup to Bad Witness, No Cookie!

March 25, 2011

I ran across this news item today and thought it was interesting, especially after my post the other day, “Bad Witness, No Cookie!“.  Here’s a link to a related video on YouTube.  In this news report and video, three strange lights in the sky were reported above the Boulder/Lafayette area.  An analysis of the reports, and the banter between news reporters, is quite amusing.

The big one that jumped out at me are the following quotes from the text version of the report:

“I don’t know what they are,” Leroy Vandervegt told the Boulder Daily Camera. “All I know is that I had no idea what it is. It wasn’t a satellite; it wasn’t an airplane; and it wasn’t a helicopter.”


A man in Lafayette shot some video this week that he thinks may show some UFOs in the sky over Boulder County.

This type of logical fallacy is common (but apparently not common enough for me to know what the name of the fallacy is).  Basically, “Because I don’t know what it is, it must be aliens”.   Other people have used this same reasoning for aliens making all sorts of things including the  Egyptian Pyramids, Machu Picchu, the statues on Easter Island, and the Moon.

Here’s another quote from the article:

They stayed in a triangular formation, but the shape of the triangle changed.

Um, hello.  Did we not pass simple geometry in school?  It’s three points– three vertexes.  By definition, that’s a triangle!  What are three lights supposed to turn into?  A circle?

The reporters also debated if it could be a stealth bomber.  Their thinking was that that’s the only plane with a triangular shape.   Never mind that the stealth bomber can’t change shape, and moves a lot quicker than the video would imply.  Some basic thought would have told them that it’s not a stealth bomber.

Here’s another YouTube video.  The guy talking is funny.  He calls the formation a “perfect triangle”.  Pure genius!  Later he says that they are “levitating”.  I’m not quite sure how he can figure that out from three points of light in a black sky.

So this is a classic example of people seeing three unexplained lights in the sky and making up stuff to try to make sense of it.  Stealth bombers, UFO’s, and levitating perfect triangles.  Because you know that only aliens can make perfect triangles.

I’ll see you on the mothership!


One comment

  1. Of course it’s aliens! That’s the only logical (and fun) explanation. I, for one, salute our new galactic overlords. 🙂

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