The Confines of Facebook

March 19, 2011

Awhile back I was in a lively discussion on Facebook.  The subject was getting into the technical details of AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies.  Very complex, dry, and geeky stuff.   For those who don’t know I’m an electrical engineer so I was, shall we say, in my element.  However, my part in the discussion ended when I posted the following comment:

I tried to write a reply to Kopp’s message, but after three attempts at writing a concise but technically correct message all I did was make myself sound like a pompous ass. So instead, let me offer to explain it over a beer or two. Some thing just can’t be discussed within the confines of Facebook.

While I had previously thought about starting a blog, this Facebook discussion finally pushed me over the edge.  I wasn’t trying to be an ass, and I didn’t want to be an ass.  But the message format of Facebook did not lend itself well to this discussion.

What should have been an eloquent six or eight paragraphs, with pictures and graphs, had to be concentrated down into:  “I know more than you, so just trust me“.  And that’s what we call a pompous ass.

Twitter allows for messages of 140 characters.  Just enough to say something useful, but usually not enough to hang yourself with.   Not so with Facebook.  You get much more room to spew inflammatory verbiage, but not enough room to put it into the proper context.  Facebook also makes it easy to post things quickly, before your rational mind get in the way and gives you the mental face palm.

So now I have a blog.  This gives me more room to spout, in a hopefully constructive way that Facebook doesn’t allow.  This is also a milestone on my path of total world domination.   First comes Twitter, and the 140 character limit.  Next is Facebook, with a paragraph or two.  Now a blog.  Then a book.  After that I can write my manifesto.  With a proper manifesto I can dominate the world and finally get my Latte with the proper amount of “room for cream”.

I don’t want to be like that twerp Ted Kaczynski.  His manifesto was a rambling piece of junk.  It sucks to be a Luddite.  He should have honed his skills with Twitter first!


One comment

  1. Luddites rarely benefit from from editorial review. Ir spell-checking.

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